I love this photo of me and Tom. I look at our faces and see that we have no idea what’s coming. It was taken at Thanksgiving 2015 just about 9 months before our entire world was turned upside down and changed forever. August 9th 2016, Tom had a seizure while driving and was diagnosed with brain cancer; Stage 3 Astrocytoma. You just never know how God is going to use your life to awaken you to what really matters. It’s fascinating to look back at how all the fear –

What do we do now?

Surgery or no surgery?

Which Doctors do we listen to?

How are we going to pay our bills?

Are we ever going to get to Italy like we always dreamed? – was matched with God’s grace. We gained a new perspective on what truly matters, every challenge was met with peace and clear vision, all the specialists came into our lives with ease and perfect timing, Tom’s work was flexible with how and when he would work… And now, we are receiving this incredible, generous gift from music.

I’ve always been better at giving than receiving – I think most of us feel more comfortable in that scenario. This event has forced us into our ability to receive and it is one of our miracles. For us this is a celebration of being present with all the gifts around us…the gift of time, each other, love, friendship and music. If you’d like to come celebrate with us, here is the link for tickets:


Please know that your donation and thoughts and prayers is life changing and we’ll accept all of it with humble love and gratitude. xoxo, Eve and Tom

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