Eve Selis and husband, Tom Gulotta, have had a tough several years. In the summer of 2016, Tom was diagnosed with brain cancer. Later that year, Eve’s brother Dan was also diagnosed with cancer. And last year she lost her brother Pete. The emotional stress of these events overlay the significant financial burden brought on by Tom’s cancer and the resulting reduced income of both.

Last year San Diego musicians, coordinated principally by Jeff Berkley, came together to record a CD, and now to participate in a concert for the benefit of Eve and Tom.

The concert will feature Jeff Berkley, Calman Hart, Jack Tempchin, Tim Flannery, Veronica May, and Back to the Garden. Eve will also perform with her band. The concert will be held on March 18th, from 2 to 5 PM at the Heritage Ranch in Encinitas and the CD will be for sale there. A free download CD is included with the Premium ticket donation of $30. Suggested donation for General Admission tickets is $25. Children are free.

Beer, wine, soft drinks, water and “gourmet” ranch food will be available for purchase. You may also bring your own beverages, if desired.

Marc Intravaia, long time musical partner and guitarist for Eve, wrote the following:

“I’ve known Eve and Tom for longer than I can remember (and at my age I can’t remember much!). They are well known in the San Diego community not only for their gifts of music and art but also for their tireless efforts to raise money for their favorite charities and causes. Now it is our turn to help them as Tom battles Brain cancer. Jeff Berkley was the driving force behind this CD of San Diego‘s best musicians and writers and we are delighted to see it all come together so that we can raise much-needed funds for Tom’s ongoing treatment. By the way, he’s doing great and is fearless in his fight. Buy the CD, come to the concert, just give!”

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